Beyond Schools: Giving Your Child a Well-Rounded Education

Classes will resume soon and yet you’re not too keen on welcoming the new school year as you believe that your child’s school is not helping him in his learning process. Perhaps your child is gifted and thus the mainstream curriculum bores him. It’s also possible that you think your child’s school doesn’t offer enough options for sports, skill building or activities outside of the academy. There’s also the possibility that, owing to budget cuts or mismanagement, you have seen the quality of teaching in your child’s school has deteriorated in the past few years. This is something that really bothers you as this might hurt his chances of getting into a top tier university.

It’s too late now to scout for a new school that will best fit your child. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t give him options to enhance his learning process. Here are some ways to give your child a well-rounded education without having to resort to transferring him to another school.

1. Encourage your child to join extracurricular activities

Many parents feel that their child needs other sports options or activity that is not offered by their child’s school. For example, you observed your child is adept at playing golf and is in fact mulling of playing golf in college. But his school isn’t offering a golf program. What you can do instead is sign him up in a junior golf camp – with the agreement that his practice shouldn’t interfere with his studies.

This doesn’t only apply to athletics. You can give options to your child who have other interests. If he’s artistic, you can enroll him in a painting workshop. If he’s the outdoorsy type, then you can arrange hiking/camping weekends with him. With so many workshops and camps available, you can always enhance your child’s education without having to rely on formal academic curriculum.

2. Hire a high quality online tutor

Online tutoring can help enhance your child’s education by letting him learn subjects that were not adequately covered by his school’s academic curriculum. Hiring a top notch online tutor will give your child a chance to delve deeply into these subjects as he enjoys the luxury of one to one tutoring.

Or, perhaps, your child is breezing through math class. You may then get your child an online tutor to explore a higher level of math. There are many ways that online tutoring can be used to improve your child’s education.

You and your child will benefit from the flexibility that only an online tutor can offer. If your child is having problems doing his homework in the evening or afternoon, all he had to do was to log in and contact his online tutor. Reputable companies that offer online tutorial services provide secure login before your child can contact his tutor.

If you want to know your child’s progress, you can get his progress report anytime by just logging on the tutorial website. You can also contact the tutor to discuss your child’s concerns.

3. Homeschooling

Have you ever considered homeschooling? More and more families are homeschooling their children because they are dissatisfied with their children’s education options. For example, you may want more religious/moral education incorporated into your child’s curriculum. You can best tailor your child’s education to their needs and your wants. Homeschooling allows you the ability to choose what and how your child learns subjects as long as you meet government guidelines.

Homeschooling is now a legitimate option for parents who want to provide an alternative learning environment to their children. Several states recognize homeschooling and some prestigious universities including Harvard, Stanford and Princeton are more open to accepting homeschooled students.

In Online MLM Education is Power

Do you tear your hair out trying to do all the tasks on your online MLM marketing calendar? If so, then you are not alone. Many newbies to the online MLM industry have a hard time keeping up with this marketing method, and that’s where ongoing education comes in handy. In this article I detail ways in which you can get an online education at the same time that you do your regular online promotional activities.

Why Ongoing Education Helps with Online MLM
My buddy’s frustration is quite typical of newbies to the world of doing MLM online. I find that what helps these people the most is education. “Education is power” is one of my upline sponsor’s mottos, and it applies very much to a person who wants to successfully promote online. Other relevant mottos (just in case you want to know) are:

– Don’t hit on people.
– Do not close people.
– Be realistic. Do not make pie-in-the-sky claims.
– Do not pitch-answer questions instead.

These four mottos are very important, but I think this fifth one about education may be the most important of all when it comes to online marketing. While the MLM industry as a whole has become more credible and solid over the last few decades, the basic offline promotional techniques have remained the same. It’s important to be educated in these offline techniques, but they don’t change much so once you master them you’re in fat city.

The online world is completely different. It’s fast-paced, constantly changing, and demands constant learning. Even web marketing leaders like Chris Brogan, Brian Clark, and Seth Godin are continually revamping their ideas of what’s possible, practical, and people-friendly for the average Joe when it comes to online marketing. In a world that moves this fast, ongoing education is a “have to” activity, not a “want to” kind of thing.

How to Educate Yourself in Online MLM Marketing
If you are like my buddy, you’re probably scratching your head (if not actively tearing out your hair) trying to figure out how you’re going to fit yet one more task–ongoing education–into your already impossible online MLM marketing plan. You’re probably blogging, article marketing, forum marketing, and doing SEO. Or maybe you’re just blogging and having a hard time keeping up with just that.

How in the world are you going to fit in education about online marketing? By making as many online marketing activities as possible serve double duty as learning experiences. Here are two examples of how your online activities can serve double duty.

1. Comment and Learn
To increase your online visibility, it’s always a good idea to read other people’s blogs and add insightful comments to their posts. Depending on whose blogs you read, the time you spend adding comments can also serve as classroom hours for your online marketing education. Choose to comment only on the blogs of thought leaders who are in line with your style of online marketing. This helps you in two ways: first, commenting on highly-ranked blogs will increase your online presence; second, you have to read the post before you can comment, and you are bound to learn something in the process.

When you comment on a blog post, really read the post first and think about what the author is trying to teach you. That way you actually learn something, and you can leave a comment that actually means something. Comments like “Great post. I liked it!” don’t really enhance your online presence. If you’re going to comment, learn something from the post, and then leave a comment that will add some benefit to the conversational thread. Leaving a good comment tells readers as much about your online marketing expertise as writing a good blog post. To see some really good comments, visit Chris Brogan’s blog or Copyblogger.

2. Article Marketing: Post and Research
If you are doing article marketing right, then you are taking the time to research strong, long-tail keywords that will drive traffic to your articles and your blogs/websites. Here’s a nifty trick. As you submit your article to one or two major directories do a search on your keywords and see what your competition is writing. You’ll learn something–whether it’s good, bad, or ugly. You’ll see some really great writing that you may want to emulate. You’ll see some really bad writing that will remind you not to be a slacker and write sloppy copy. And you’ll see some intriguing ideas that would never otherwise cross your mind. Taking just a few minutes to do a quick scan in the article directory after you submit your own articles will give you a quick but jam-packed education. It’s short and sweet.

I hope these help you tap into the free education that the online thought leaders are providing just about every single day of the week. “Learn while doing” is my motto when it comes to education in online MLM marketing.

What do you think? What works for you when it comes to educating yourself about online marketing in general, and online MLM specifically?