Dating in College

Dating in college can be a daunting task for many men and women starting out their college careers. This is the first time away from the social circles of high school and meeting a new girl for a date is something most college men have never had to do before.

However, the most common misunderstanding college men have is that dating in college has few similarities to dating in high school or even outside of college. If you want to be the campus Casanova your going to have to know a few keys to meeting up with girls in college.

First off, many girls in college have never gone on a full fledged date with a totally new person. Most of there relationship experience will be coming from their time in high school where they had known the guys they date most of their lives or naturally met him through their social circle. Often, guys will make the mistake of asking the girl out to dinner or on a one on one personal date.

This approach puts a lot of pressure on a girl and unless she really likes you, she will often find a way to get out of it to avoid the awkwardness she fears. Even if she does come, the date will usually be very awkward because neither of you have much first date experience. However there is a much better and easier way to meet up with girls that you’ve met. Simply by making your first hang out EXTREMELY casual will solve this problem.

Example of casual dates would be meeting up at a coffee shop, studying, or simply hanging out with each others social groups. This take all the BIG date pressure off the girl so she can relax and will also help you chill as well.

Perhaps the best way meet and date girls in college however is by making friends with everyone and hosting parties or going out at night in large groups. It is extremely easy and casual to invite a girl you like to join your group on a night out and then get to know each other while having fun. This also gives the girl the chance to meet new people and become friends with people you know. This will make it much more likely you will see her again.

Just remember, when dating in college, keep it simple and casual.