Basic Steps For Career Advancement

Being the best at what you do is very important when it comes to career advancement, having the drive and ambition to reach your goals is also just as important. Advice in a person to become the best at anything he or she does is easier said than done, this article will provide you some useful pointers you can follow when you are trying to get a job, change your current career or simply become the best at anything you do.

— Start Building up a Network of Friends

This is something not many people do but it is extremely important to pay attention to such activity, we’re not going to say that friends are in valuable “tools” needed in order to get ahead in life however, if you build it trustworthy network of friends you can all mutually help each other find the best career opportunities and get in a better financial situation.

It has been estimated that nearly 40 to 50% of all jobs are or originated and obtained through contact networks, friends and family members qualify as part of your contacts. They contact network becomes extremely useful when you’re trying to change carriers or when you are leaving your current job for a better one.

When to start working at a company make sure to become friends with as many people as possible, get their phone numbers and keep yourself in touch with them in a way that won’t bother their individuality and make you look like a hassle. An occasional phone call or quick conversation is good enough to keep your network of contacts “alive”

— Take Your Time to Research and Identify Your Next Job

No one feels happy working at a place where doing repetitive tasks that won’t be enjoyed, in order to have a successful career your dream job (or field of work) must be first identified. If you fail to identify the niche you’re happy working in, it is still not late to take a couple days to research the field that will make you feel good with yourself and you will enjoy.

Make sure to take in consideration of your desires and future plans in direct relation to the financial compensation, matching his factors with the right profile will help you find not only a job but a great career.

Become A Career Entrepreneur

The nature work is changing and this change is accelerating all the time. We can no longer expect “the job for life” that previous generations experienced.

The concept of career entrepreneurship is that each of us is responsible for our own careers – we need to read the market, anticipate trends, innovate, do things differently and as discussed in previous blogs, build our own personal brand.

In the old world, we could leave responsibility for our career growth with our employers, these days no-one but you should be taking responsibility for your career. Careers are no longer linear, and are far more like a lattice or a “snakes and ladders’ board where we are moving sideways, down, and across every bit as much as up. Those entering the workforce today are more likely to change jobs, and even careers, far more frequently than generations before us.

It is therefore essential that all of us be able to anticipate change, to be innovative in our approach, to think ahead what our “customers” want and to be able to deliver it with speed and quality.

Career entrepreneurs own their career and build it with vision and imagination. No-one has your unique set of talents and skills. While that vision of the future may be hazy, the career entrepreneur moves ahead regardless. The end of a working relationship with a company is not seen as cataclysmic, rather it is seen as part of a natural progression towards a new and more interesting opportunity.

As an entrepreneur does, you can also benefit from a board of advisors. Who would you like as part of your Board of Directors? Who can you learn from? Choose people with specific expertise, knowledge or contacts to help you. Include dreamers and efficiency experts and those who will help you keep on track as you build your career.

Think carefully about building your own brand identity. What do you want to be known for at your place of employment and with those you deal with beyond the organization. Do you want people to think of you as the person “who delivers ahead of promise and with a smile every time”? or perhaps “Bring it to me if you want it done!”.

We have seen many people offered exciting opportunities by their suppliers and customers once their commitment, attitude and quality of work is perceived by others.

Thinking like an entrepreneur means you need to view your career as your own business, build a vision, be prepared to adapt, move fast on your feet and also reap the rewards of daring to be unique.

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