Article Writing Skills 101 – 5 Ways Moms Can Make Money Using Article Writing Skills

One of the most appealing aspects of Internet marketing is the ability to have financial and time freedom. This is one reason that Internet marketing and article marketing, in general, appeals to stay at home moms. You can work at home, take care of the children and do housework all without the hassle and cost of daycare.

This helps to keep the money in the household and not out the door to pay daycare, gas and other costs associated with working outside the home. Let us examine this opportunity for stay at home moms or moms wanting to quit their daytime rat race job.

Writing articles for a living not only appeals to stay-at-home moms but to single or married women tired of the drudgery of corporate America as well. There are vast opportunities for online writing jobs that can be developed into a full-time career with flexible hours. One of the great benefits of writing for online purposes is that it is not dependent on your education or background. Just about anyone can learn online writing.

Here are a few writing examples that moms can get paid to do and work from home:

– Product descriptions. Many companies are willing to pay for descriptions and reviews written about their new products. The cool thing about this is sometimes you actually get to try, use and sometimes even keep the products. The companies want a truthful and honest opinion of how the new product worked and why the consumer would be willing to purchase it. If the new product is targeted towards women, it only makes sense that the product description or review should be written from a woman’s point of view.

– Article writing. If you are first starting out as a writer, article writing is one of the best places to start. It is easier to get your feet wet here and learn the ropes… the dos and don’ts. Writing articles as content to be used on websites and blogs can provide a steady form of income.

The job normally consists of keyword research, information research, article writing, article rewriting and article submission. There is a small learning curve to be able to understand keyword density, word count and the ability to produce a certain number of articles per day and still meet deadlines. Other than that, article writing is pretty simple.

– E-book creation. Creating e-books for others as a ghost writer or to sell online can be another lucrative way to make money online for moms. Most writers that are proficient at writing articles are quite good at creating e-books as well. If you are writing e-books to sell online yourself, make sure you pick topics and niches that are current. Picking an out of date topic to write your e-book about can be devastating to your income.

– PRs and newsletters. PRs or press releases and newsletters can not only be fun to write but can also be income producing. When companies want to share with the world new divisions or products, they will want a press release created. This is their way of saying “hey world look at us we have something new for you.” A well crafted press release can strengthen the company’s bottom line tremendously.

This also goes for newsletters. Producing a company newsletter gives the company an opportunity to inform their followers of new and upcoming products and services. Normally, newsletters are an ongoing project that are released monthly. Again, this can produce a steady income for a stay at home mom.

– Blog posts. Company blogging has become extremely advantageous and widely accepted today. The most important part of any company blog is to have fresh new material. Here again, this can produce a steady income as blog posts need to be created weekly if not daily.

These are just a few examples of ways moms can make money online writing. There are many more and valuable tips and techniques to be learned. Want to know more?