Article Writing Skills 101 – 5 Ways Moms Can Make Money Using Article Writing Skills

One of the most appealing aspects of Internet marketing is the ability to have financial and time freedom. This is one reason that Internet marketing and article marketing, in general, appeals to stay at home moms. You can work at home, take care of the children and do housework all without the hassle and cost of daycare.

This helps to keep the money in the household and not out the door to pay daycare, gas and other costs associated with working outside the home. Let us examine this opportunity for stay at home moms or moms wanting to quit their daytime rat race job.

Writing articles for a living not only appeals to stay-at-home moms but to single or married women tired of the drudgery of corporate America as well. There are vast opportunities for online writing jobs that can be developed into a full-time career with flexible hours. One of the great benefits of writing for online purposes is that it is not dependent on your education or background. Just about anyone can learn online writing.

Here are a few writing examples that moms can get paid to do and work from home:

– Product descriptions. Many companies are willing to pay for descriptions and reviews written about their new products. The cool thing about this is sometimes you actually get to try, use and sometimes even keep the products. The companies want a truthful and honest opinion of how the new product worked and why the consumer would be willing to purchase it. If the new product is targeted towards women, it only makes sense that the product description or review should be written from a woman’s point of view.

– Article writing. If you are first starting out as a writer, article writing is one of the best places to start. It is easier to get your feet wet here and learn the ropes… the dos and don’ts. Writing articles as content to be used on websites and blogs can provide a steady form of income.

The job normally consists of keyword research, information research, article writing, article rewriting and article submission. There is a small learning curve to be able to understand keyword density, word count and the ability to produce a certain number of articles per day and still meet deadlines. Other than that, article writing is pretty simple.

– E-book creation. Creating e-books for others as a ghost writer or to sell online can be another lucrative way to make money online for moms. Most writers that are proficient at writing articles are quite good at creating e-books as well. If you are writing e-books to sell online yourself, make sure you pick topics and niches that are current. Picking an out of date topic to write your e-book about can be devastating to your income.

– PRs and newsletters. PRs or press releases and newsletters can not only be fun to write but can also be income producing. When companies want to share with the world new divisions or products, they will want a press release created. This is their way of saying “hey world look at us we have something new for you.” A well crafted press release can strengthen the company’s bottom line tremendously.

This also goes for newsletters. Producing a company newsletter gives the company an opportunity to inform their followers of new and upcoming products and services. Normally, newsletters are an ongoing project that are released monthly. Again, this can produce a steady income for a stay at home mom.

– Blog posts. Company blogging has become extremely advantageous and widely accepted today. The most important part of any company blog is to have fresh new material. Here again, this can produce a steady income as blog posts need to be created weekly if not daily.

These are just a few examples of ways moms can make money online writing. There are many more and valuable tips and techniques to be learned. Want to know more?

Choose a Professional Hockey Training Program Online!

You probably enjoy hockey and you decided to improve your skills. Do not waste more time. Now you can learn from elite players and advisors some more about stickhandling. Hockey training is such a complex activity so you will need to learn from the best. So if you decided to learn how to stickhandle better, find out more about a proven virtual system ready to share useful information with you.

The hockey training program is described online with more useful details. You can come learn more tricks if you are an amateur or if you are at an elite level. You can become an elite player once you are there.

There are three hockey training programs where you can choose from. The first one is for all ages of players and you will work appreciatively seven times per week. These hockey training ads will definitely help you to gain more experience and control.

The second type of training for hockey is for beginner to intermediate level hockey players. Here you will learn the basic information and moves. It is desirable to begin with this hockey training session as it is convenient because you can achieve serious experience in stickhandling ability.

The last hockey training program is for experienced players only. It is an extension of the previous training program. You can choose this training program only if you already know the basics.

The two instructors are some of the top because of those two reasons. Firstly because they were elite players, one of them an NHL star and the other a professional trainer and this makes them very competent in this sport. Secondly because they know how to explain and show you some moves each time is needed so you can catch the move and apply it successfully in your game. Those great teachers always have patience with their students.

These hockey training programs take each player through an intensifying series of video training exercises and drills in an online environment; from basic stickhandling to moves used by professional players. The online training sessions can be adjusted to fit your schedule.

This innovative system helps you to learn more useful information about hockey and stick handling as a virtual training camp.

In case you have more questions related to hockey training online, you can ask them online and get a quick answer. All hockey players can buy a professional training package using this web site. The training program will teach numerous techniques from different countries using high quality videos.

All the applications are required to maximize your efforts and potential on ice. The further you will start, the further you will gain more knowledge and then you can practice it on ice to train your puck touch and get confident in your own skills.

Finally, you need to know that this virtual hockey camp does not replace a real hockey school, but it is very helpful because all the information, drills, moves you will learn here can be valued on ice. You can make performance on ice using these specialized suggestions.

Longlevens Junior School Embark on a Trip to Remember

Earlier this year Longlevens Junior School embarked on a Pan European Comenius Project which involved linking with schools in France and Italy to exchange and share experience of school life and the ways in which schools operate in each country. Normally, Comenius projects involve the staff and teachers from each school in a series of exchange visits. However, Lewis Cook, Modern Foreign Languages co-ordinator and the project leader at the school, provided several pupils from the school with a wonderful opportunity to become personally involved also. He arranged for 10 pupils to accompany 4 teachers on a trip to their ‘partner’ school, the Institution Sainte-Marthe, Draguignan, in the Provence region of France.

Lewis, who is an avid Francophile, felt that, following a visit to Draguignan earlier in the year, the environment and circumstances were ideal to allow the children to participate fully in the project by visiting the French school.

Obviously a lot of logistical planning and risk assessment was needed to ensure that the trip would be both successful and memorable. Meetings with the parents/pupils were held to communicate accurately what was being planned and to share the proposed selection process which would be undertaken by the pupils involved.

The selection process was in itself a learning experience for the children and included a letter of application, an interview, followed by a series of teamwork and individual exercises before the final 10 pupils were chosen. The process, which was equivalent to a Job Application Process, provided all the children with a valuable life experience at a very early age. Lewis also provided extra French tuition for the group in readiness for the trip.

Whilst there was some funding for the trip it was necessary to generate further funds to ensure all costs were covered. To do this a series of fund raising events were promoted and these accumulated over £500 which was allocated towards the spending money for the pupils.

After flying from Birmingham to Nice, they travelled by minibus to Draguignan where the teachers and pupils alike stayed at a hotel in the town. Not only did this allow the teachers to maintain supervision but it also allowed both parties to review their daily activities together.

The timetable of events and activities provided a variety of situations which engaged the children continuously and included joining the French pupils in classroom studies, performing a song in English for the school and exchanging communication addresses to allow Skyping, emails and pen pal letters – all of which enhanced the total learning experience!

The excursion, however, was not all ‘work’ as three out-of-school events were planned to give the children a real taste of French living.

Initially, there was a ‘Pétanque’ (or Boules) afternoon in the Town Square in which everyone joined in enthusiastically and a trip to the seaside proved to be an exhilarating exercise. However, last but not least, the finale involved spending an evening with a typical French family. Children and teachers were invited into the family homes of students from the school to be entertained and join in a typical French evening. This wonderful experience included an evening meal, which lasted up to 3 hours, and, as several families had invited close friends to the soirée, there was much to discuss and share. The evening proved to be a resounding success for everyone.

On return to Longlevens the group provided feedback from the trip to a full school assembly which gave them the opportunity to re-live their memorable experiences in France.

Let’s congratulate Lewis, Dave Smith, the Head teacher and the School for providing such a valuable learning experience for their pupils.

Guitar Instructions – Learning to Play Guitar

Learning to play a musical instrument like the guitar is extremely rewarding, whether you just play for your own enjoyment or want to play to entertain others or become a professional musician or form a band playing guitar is great fun.

Anyone can learn to play with the right guitar instructions, no matter what your age or current musical ability everyone has the potential to be a guitar player. Some people are able to teach themselves but to be able to learn the guitar quickly you need some good instructions.

Instructions for how to play the guitar can be costly if you choose private professional tuition but there are plenty of ways to learn on the internet and from books. Whatever guitar course or learning to play book you choose teaching yourself is very rewarding but you need to choose the best method for learning guitar if you are going to pick it up quickly. From a good set of guitar instructions you will learn how to hold and tune the guitar, different methods of how to pluck or strum the strings correctly and also how to read guitar tabs.

When you can find your way around the guitar smoothly and you can read tabs you can learn to play ANY song you want. Once you master the basics of guitar you can play any guitar and any style from Spanish guitar, classical guitar, metal string acoustic or an electric lead guitar. There are some different techniques to learn for each of these but the chords and tabs remain the same.

The large number of online courses and software for learning to play the guitar can make it confusing…. i mean which ones work best, and what is the quickest method for learning. Plenty of tips are available from various websites dedicated to guitar playing and there are some great tips to be found on YouTube.

When it comes to purchasing an online or downloadable course there are a few things you should ask before you buy like:

What exactly is included in the course?

Are the lessons from a professional guitar player and teacher?

Are there plenty of testimonials from satisfied students?

If you find a course that is from a good professional player and qualified teacher, and it covers all aspects of learning to play guitar from learning to hold the guitar correctly, learning to tune the guitar, chords, different methods of strumming, plucking etc and how to read guitar tab, then as long as there are plenty of happy students already then you should be able to learn the guitar quickly from that course and will get a lot of satisfaction from learning to play.

Getting Insight Into Adobe Certifications

Are you interested in designing and creativity? Do you want to build up your career as a true professional? This is the type of query, which we ask our self while choosing profession for our future. No doubt, what type of profession you want, you have to work hard for it.

Nowadays, a number of companies and business corporations are focusing on the need of highly specialized personnel who cannot just understand their objectives but also can help them make their company internationally successful.

Adobe: Popular Name for Remarkable Contributions:

If you are not satisfied with your present qualification or field of study or if you want to develop your career in a dynamic way then you may use thousands of certifications available in the market, which focus on various distinct technological concerns.

Adobe is a popular name for presenting many certifications concerning numerous distinct fields of Information Technology.

Adobe Exams Training and Preparations:

Keep in mind that adobe certification is not a game and it truly means that you have to prepare for it several months ago the exams date. To obtain Adobe certifications, you obviously need training to develop your skills and expertise up to the level that it requires

Huge diversity of training Material:

You can benefit from a number of training guides, books, tutorials, and videos. On the other hand, internet is the biggest source to get hold of immense knowledge within few seconds while sitting in your own home.

Adobe Exams:

Adobe exams normally come with multiple-choice questions that are not impossible to answer if you completely find the meaning of these questions. Be relaxed and answer the question when you are sure about that.

What you will earn as a Successful Aspirant?

After becoming successful in adobe exams, you will feel a great difference not just in yourself but in the society around you, as well it is because adobe certified professionals are considered talented enough to deal with any on hand profession challenge at any time as they have prepared themselves during adobe exams training.

Acquiring Adobe certifications not just increase the capabilities of successful candidates but on the other hand, it opens the triumph tracks for them as well. Adobe certified Professionals are valued over other personnel, as they have proved to have actual talent and aptitude.

Beyond Schools: Giving Your Child a Well-Rounded Education

Classes will resume soon and yet you’re not too keen on welcoming the new school year as you believe that your child’s school is not helping him in his learning process. Perhaps your child is gifted and thus the mainstream curriculum bores him. It’s also possible that you think your child’s school doesn’t offer enough options for sports, skill building or activities outside of the academy. There’s also the possibility that, owing to budget cuts or mismanagement, you have seen the quality of teaching in your child’s school has deteriorated in the past few years. This is something that really bothers you as this might hurt his chances of getting into a top tier university.

It’s too late now to scout for a new school that will best fit your child. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t give him options to enhance his learning process. Here are some ways to give your child a well-rounded education without having to resort to transferring him to another school.

1. Encourage your child to join extracurricular activities

Many parents feel that their child needs other sports options or activity that is not offered by their child’s school. For example, you observed your child is adept at playing golf and is in fact mulling of playing golf in college. But his school isn’t offering a golf program. What you can do instead is sign him up in a junior golf camp – with the agreement that his practice shouldn’t interfere with his studies.

This doesn’t only apply to athletics. You can give options to your child who have other interests. If he’s artistic, you can enroll him in a painting workshop. If he’s the outdoorsy type, then you can arrange hiking/camping weekends with him. With so many workshops and camps available, you can always enhance your child’s education without having to rely on formal academic curriculum.

2. Hire a high quality online tutor

Online tutoring can help enhance your child’s education by letting him learn subjects that were not adequately covered by his school’s academic curriculum. Hiring a top notch online tutor will give your child a chance to delve deeply into these subjects as he enjoys the luxury of one to one tutoring.

Or, perhaps, your child is breezing through math class. You may then get your child an online tutor to explore a higher level of math. There are many ways that online tutoring can be used to improve your child’s education.

You and your child will benefit from the flexibility that only an online tutor can offer. If your child is having problems doing his homework in the evening or afternoon, all he had to do was to log in and contact his online tutor. Reputable companies that offer online tutorial services provide secure login before your child can contact his tutor.

If you want to know your child’s progress, you can get his progress report anytime by just logging on the tutorial website. You can also contact the tutor to discuss your child’s concerns.

3. Homeschooling

Have you ever considered homeschooling? More and more families are homeschooling their children because they are dissatisfied with their children’s education options. For example, you may want more religious/moral education incorporated into your child’s curriculum. You can best tailor your child’s education to their needs and your wants. Homeschooling allows you the ability to choose what and how your child learns subjects as long as you meet government guidelines.

Homeschooling is now a legitimate option for parents who want to provide an alternative learning environment to their children. Several states recognize homeschooling and some prestigious universities including Harvard, Stanford and Princeton are more open to accepting homeschooled students.

Defensive Online Driving Course

Practicing defensive driving means you are constantly alert and ready to react to potential dangers. It can also mean driving to save lives, money, and time, in spite of the conditions around you and the actions of others. If you have been unfortunate enough to find yourself with a ticket or are required to take a drivers education course then the easiest way to do this is online. Why leave the comfort of your home when you can take your time and do it on your own schedule. In some instances you will find you can reduce the cost of your speeding ticket fine or in some states you can get your ticket totally dismissed.

Not only does traffic school offer courses designed to help out with speeding ticket fines but the courses also assist with reducing the price of auto insurance. Quite often big corporations will recommend their staff that use company vehicles take the defensive online driving course as it has been proven that if you are a defensive driver you are likely to have fewer accidents. There are many online courses you can take, and they are very inexpensive and most are very interactive and easy to take. All you need is a computer, no special software is required.

Remember these defensive driving tips to keep you safe on the road:

– Wear your seatbelt at all times
– Keep a safe following distance from the car in front
– Always signal well in advance so that other drivers are aware of your intentions
– Check your rear vision and side mirrors constantly so you are aware of your surroundings
– Keep a safe distance from erratic and dangerous drivers
– Follow the road rules and don’t break any laws (they’re there for a reason)
– Don’t ever assume others can see you
– Don’t ever assume others can drive well

Take every precaution you can to keep you and your family safe on our roads, it’s worth taking a defensive online driving course just for that very reason.

Choose an Online Degree With an Accredited College

These days it is not difficult to find accredited colleges online. However, the credibility of the agency that has given them this license to have an education online, can leave people to wonder. The other question that may come up is, is it more important to be accredited by national standards or by regional standards. The best way to know which is better is to choose a school that does provide a campus for students and also gives the option of an online degree.

There are many universities and colleges that offer online options, and there maybe some that are still in that transition process of giving students the entire degree online. Penn State, is a college that offers degrees that allows students to complete them online. Penn State’s, “World Campus” gives students a chance to go for more than 60 degrees, from their own home or from wherever they chose to study. Students who choose to go with Penn State, are given the same opportunities as those who are on campus students, and the degrees online are recognized by the employers as well. Bachelor degrees from this college are around $57,000, from December 2009.

East Carolina University is also one of the top online schools. The programs at this university are more reasonable in price for students and the cost for a course is $11,880, for resident students, but for those who aren’t it is up to $54,480. These universities are both regional accredited colleges. Regional accreditation, is seen to be more important than the national, because of the standards that are given by the education bodies.

Other schools such as University of Wyoming and Oklahoma State University, also need to be mentioned, because they have programs that are recognized nationally and offer a variety of online classes. These schools, both give graduate and undergraduate programs online. These schools offer students on a budget a chance to go to college. They are also known for their reputation and by their students satisfaction as being great universities.

Here are some other schools that have made online degrees that can be either regionally or nationally seen by the education department. Nova Southeastern has been rated by online education at the top, December 2009, as well as Regent University. The database for online Education rates these schools by its acceptance rate, the financial aid, retention rates and graduation. There are many recommended colleges to choose from so make sure you do your research before making your choice and choose the best accredited college for you.

The Executive Coaching Contract

Having found a coach you feel comfortable and excited about working with, the next step is to discuss and sign the coaching contract or agreement. This is vital to ensure that both coach and client are clear from the outset about what is expected.

The coaching contract will set out the duration of the coaching, and the frequency and length of the sessions within that period. It will make clear the etiquette of the coaching relationship – for example, what each party should do if they need to reschedule appointments. The contract will suggest what needs to be done between sessions in order for agreed goals to be achieved, and the availability of the coach between sessions.

There will be guidelines regarding what is required from the coaching relationship in order for optimum results to be achieved. The coach needs honest feedback from the client about how well the coaching is working – different people may need different approaches. Equally, the client must be able to take on board frank feedback from the coach if they are to move forward past existing blocks.

The contract will emphasise that everything discussed during coaching is confidential and will not be revealed by the coach or used for the coach’s own personal gain.

The payment structure will be clearly set out, including the frequency of payments, which are normally requested in advance.

The beauty of the coaching contract is that having discussed and agreed the practicalities before coaching starts, both parties are free during the sessions to concentrate purely on the client’s goals and ways to achieve them.

Basic Steps For Career Advancement

Being the best at what you do is very important when it comes to career advancement, having the drive and ambition to reach your goals is also just as important. Advice in a person to become the best at anything he or she does is easier said than done, this article will provide you some useful pointers you can follow when you are trying to get a job, change your current career or simply become the best at anything you do.

— Start Building up a Network of Friends

This is something not many people do but it is extremely important to pay attention to such activity, we’re not going to say that friends are in valuable “tools” needed in order to get ahead in life however, if you build it trustworthy network of friends you can all mutually help each other find the best career opportunities and get in a better financial situation.

It has been estimated that nearly 40 to 50% of all jobs are or originated and obtained through contact networks, friends and family members qualify as part of your contacts. They contact network becomes extremely useful when you’re trying to change carriers or when you are leaving your current job for a better one.

When to start working at a company make sure to become friends with as many people as possible, get their phone numbers and keep yourself in touch with them in a way that won’t bother their individuality and make you look like a hassle. An occasional phone call or quick conversation is good enough to keep your network of contacts “alive”

— Take Your Time to Research and Identify Your Next Job

No one feels happy working at a place where doing repetitive tasks that won’t be enjoyed, in order to have a successful career your dream job (or field of work) must be first identified. If you fail to identify the niche you’re happy working in, it is still not late to take a couple days to research the field that will make you feel good with yourself and you will enjoy.

Make sure to take in consideration of your desires and future plans in direct relation to the financial compensation, matching his factors with the right profile will help you find not only a job but a great career.